The Pipes and Drums


The Pipes and Drums of the 4th Royal Tank Regiment was founded in 1973 on the orders of Lt Col L A W New and under the direction of Pipe Major Peter Elder.
After the amalgamation of the 1st & 4th Royal Tank Regiments at Tidworth Garrison on the 1st October 1993, the Pipes and Drums of the new 1st Royal Tank Regiment remained and continued to grow in strength and experience right upto the present day!

The Pipes and Drums are privileged to wear the Hunting Rose Tartan of the Roses of Kilravock (pronounced Killrock), a unique distinction bestowed on the Regiment in 1972 by Miss Elizabeth Rose, present Baroness of Kilravock and Clan Chief.

By tradition the Regimental Second in Command is the Pipe President, responsible for the work ethic of the band related to the manpower and training commitments.

The members of the Pipes and Drums are first and foremost soldiers who accompany the Regiment wherever they might be. During operational deployment and regimental exercises the Pipes and Drums carry out the duties of Rebroadcast Troop, which is regarded as essential to communications to forward troops deployed on the battlefield.

When stationed in the UK, the 1st Royal Tank Regiment Pipes and Drums carry out duties traditionaly associated with Military Pipe Bands-ceremonial parades in London district, Edinburgh Military Tattoo, recruiting tours in Northern England and Scotland and engagements both overseas and at home.

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