About The RTR Association


The aim of the RTR Association is to promote by any means the efficiency and esprit-de-corps of the Regiment. The aim is achieved by:

  • Coordinating, assisting, advising and when considered desirable, directing the activities of local branches of the Regimental Association.
  • Assisting members and ex members of the Regiment to find suitable employment on leaving or after leaving the service.
  • Assisting through the service of the Benevolent Fund members and ex members of the Regiment and their immediate dependants.
  • Provide suitable amenities for the Regiment during service either in the UK or overseas.
  • Encourage recruiting of officers and soldiers for the Regiment.


The Regimental Council are the Managing Trustees for all funds and property belonging to the Association. The Regiment Council comprises of:

  • The Colonel Commandant - President
  • The Regiment Colonel - Chairman
  • The Deputy Colonel Commandant (A) - Responsible for financial matters
  • The Deputy Colonel Commandant (B) - Responsible for Regimental matters
  • The Commanding Officer of the RTR
  • The four Association Area Representatives

There are no subscriptions from serving individuals but all members of the Regiment who subscribe to the  'Day's Pay Scheme' are automatically life members. Ex members of the Regiment who wish to join the Association but have not subscribed to the Day's Pay Scheme pay a subscription of £10.00. The Day's Pay Scheme commenced in January 1965. All WW2 veterans are also exempt payment.

All Branches of the RTR Association are expected to contribute an annual subscription to the Central Fund of the RTR Association to defray general expenditure incurred in connection with regimental functions and administration costs. The amount of Branch subscriptions will vary according to the strength of the Branch numbers.