A Brief History

The first official Band was formed in 1922 under Mr W J Gibson who came from the 9th Lancers. However prior to this formation, an unofficial Band has been kept in existence by the use of private Tank Corps Funds. The new Staff Band consisted of some 60 musicians and, although it was officially established, the annual grants were insufficient to finance it and thus all officers paid a subscription. This subscription was discontinued on the outbreak of the Second World War.

On 1 October 1947 the Staff Band was split to form the nuclei of 2 regimental bands - 'A' and 'B'. This was intended to be the first step in the formation of 8 bands - one for each regiment.

Owing partly to the expense involved in supporting 8 bands, and partly to the Desirability of bands having the higher status of Staff Bands, negotiations were entered into during 1948 whereby the Regiment would have 4 Staff Bands, each to serve 2 regiments in the UK, Germany and in the Middle East.

As a first step, 'A' and 'B' Bands re-organised on 2 Sep 49 as Minor Staff Bands, under the authority of War Officer letter 103/Misc/6157/AG17A dated 19 Oct 49. At the same time the formation of 'C' Minor Staff Band at Bovington was authorised.

The formation of the fourth Minor Staff Band was deferred until the other three became proficient.

By authority of War Office letter 103/Misc/6157/AG17A dated 14 Apr 50 'A', 'B', and 'C' Minor Staff Bands were redesignated Cambrai, Alamein and Rhine respectively.

These three Minor Staff Bands remained in existence until 1 Aug 1994.

The Royal Tank Regiment Cambrai Band was established on 1 Aug 1994 and was located with 2 RTR in Fallingbostel. With the exception of certain grants from Regimental funds which may be provided to help towards expenses associated with Regimental functions, it supported itself financially through public engagements.

In 2006 The Royal Tank Regiment Cambrai Band was disbanded and the musicians regrouped to create the Heavy Cavalry & Cambrai Band.  In 2014 the band was renamed the RAC Band, The new band is located in Catterick and is one of only two bands in the Royal Armoured Corps.