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Tank Bullet

To the uninitiated, all trench art, by definition, was made by a soldier sitting in a trench in France during the First World War, in the midst of a bombardment. To the cynics, it was all made in the 1920s by enterprising French and Belgian citizens. The reality is, naturally, a mix of these extremes, and everything in between while some was produced in the Second World War and, indeed most subsequent conflicts, it is much more uncommon. From the first gulf war I was given this All Glass (trench Art) tank made from the wing mirrors from army vehicles by an enterprising local and sold to an American soldier, a nice example, and an even more modern piece is this example of a tank made from Bullet cases, and very effective it looks too. (Both models about 12 inches in length)


I came across a rare example of this WW 1 Tank Corps Crewman’s Helmet in a friends collection it is made of thick leather panels and riveted, this strange shaped protective for the Tank crewman’s head worked well, very rare, and was only worn for a short period in 1916. Although the picture of a Tank helmet and mask look right, both were never worn together as the Tank mask was issued after the helmet was out of service in the corps. If you were lucky enough to buy one of these would set you back between a modest £3000 to £4000. but the real thing is so very very rare.


This fine example of  two 1915 brass shells made into a tobacco Jar Humidor with a brass WW1 Tank on the top and its 6 inches tall by 4 inches round and quite heavy about a kilo in weight, the cost a shiny £248-00


Well on the Ebay front things Tank are still fetching exceedingly high prices with a WW1 death plaque to a private George Holley Tank Corps reaching £302-00, and a pair of medals to a  T.C. Cpl raising an unbelievable £1600-00, while a humble WW1 Tank Corps button was undone at  £20-50, and a pair of WW1 Tank Corps Collar badges costing £68-01, and any WW1 brass tank that comes up for sale real or suspect of their age are all fetching between £180 to £300 plus, who pays that much? Not I, or any of my fellow tank collectors, but still they continue to sell High? Well Good Hunting.

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