Colonels Commandant


The Regiment has a Colonel Commandant and two Deputies.

Selection and Tenure

The Colonel Commandant and his Deputies may be serving or retired officers of the rank of Colonel or above. However, normally it is a serving officer. They are selected by the RTR Council and their names are laid before the Sovereign for approval.

The tenure of appointment is initially for 5 years which may subsequently be extended to a maximum of 10 years, but not normally beyond the age of 65 years.


The responsibilities of the Colonel Commandant and his Deputies are:

To guard regimental traditions, to foster esprit-de-corps, and to represent regimental interests.
To deal with all matters affecting the Colonel-in-Chief of the Regiment.
To foster territorial connections and regimental alliances.
To advise the Colonel Commandant, Royal Armoured Corps on matters on which they may be consulted.
To advise on regimental organisations, charities, funds, properties, museums and memorials.
To maintain good will and liaison between all parts of the Regiment.

Colonels Commandant

Below is a list of the Colonels Commandant.

NameColonel CommandantRepresentative
Major General Sir John Capper KCB KCVO 1917-1923 (Director General)


Major General Sir John Capper KCB KCVO 1923-1934  
Major General Sir Ernest Swinton KBE CB DSO 1934-1938 1934-1938
Field Marshal Sir Archibald Montgomery-Massingberd GCB KCMG LLD ADC 1934-1939  
General Sir Hugh Elles KCB KCMG KCVO DSO 1934-1945 1939
Major General G M Lindsay CB CMG DSO 1938-1947 1940-1943
Lieutenant General Sir Charles Broad KCB DSO 1939-1948 1944-1947
Field Marshal The Viscount Montgomery of Alamein KG GCB DSO DL 1939-1948 1944-1947
Major General Sir Percy Hobart KBE CB DSO MC 1947-1951 1948-1951
General Sir John Crocker GCB KBE DSO MC 1949-1961  
Major General N W Duncan CB CBE DSO 1952-1959 1952-1957
Major General H R B Foote VC CB DSO 1957-1964 1958-1961
Lieutenant General Sir Harold Pyman KCB CBE DSO 1959-1965  
Major General H M Liardet CB CBE DSO DL 1961-1967 1962-1967
Major General A Jolly CB CBE DSO 1965-1968  
General Sir Michael Carver GCB CBE DSO MC ADC 1968-1973 1970-1971
Major General P R C Hobart CB DSO OBE MC 1968-1978 1971-1974
General Sir Richard Ward CB DSO MC 1970-1976 1974-1976
Lieutenant General Sir Allan Taylor KBE MC 1973-1980  
Major General J G R Allen CB 1976-1981 1977-1980
Major General R L C Dixon CB MC 1978-1983 1982-1983
Lieutenant General Sir Richard Lawson KCB DSO MC 1980-1982 1980-1982
Major General I H Baker CBE 1981-1986  
Major General R M Jerram MBE 1982-1988 1983-1985
General Sir Antony Walker KCB 1983-1987 1985-1991
Major General Sir Laurence New CB CBE 1986-1992  


  Colonel Commandant
General Sir Jeremy Blacker KCB 1988-1992 1992-1994
  Deputy Colonel Commandant  
Major General R W M McAfee CB  1993-1994  1995-1999
Brigadier A C I Gadsby  1994-2000  
Lieutenant General A P Ridgway CB CBE  1995-1999  1999-2006
Lieutenant General A D Leakey CMG CBE  1999-2006  2006-2010
Major General P Gilchrist CB  2000-2008  

Lieutenant General Sir Christoper Deverell  KCB MBE

 2006-2010  2010-2015

Brigadier S Caraffi MBE ADC


Brigadier P J Allison


Brigadier P D P Hankinson MBE QCVS


Brigadier I J Gibb 


Colonel G J Thompson


Major General JR Patterson CB