Contents of Current Edition Journal



Imminent change to Tank Magazine                             5

Honours and Promotions                 6

An Account of the First Action of Tanks by Wing Commander E J D Routh        7



From the CO         8

Notes from Ajax by Maj R Moseley 9

Notes from Badger by Lt Miller        10

Notes from Cyclops by Maj J Rimmer            11

Notes from Dreadnaught by Maj A Pilsworth                12

Notes from Egypt by Maj J P Stalk   13

Notes from Falcon by Maj J Ferman               14

TANK 100 - Flers Commemoration in London by Cpl Hale       15

Ex ARMOURED GRENADIER by Cpl Burwood                16

Ex LION’s STRIKE by Capt N Stafford              17

Observations on Operating a 2-2 Battlegroup by Maj M Fielder              18

Strike Experimentation by Capt T Scott                         18

Unit Holdings by Capt K Halls                          19

The First Forty-Nine by 2Lt T Quant                 19

AWA 2016 by Capt J Stanton            20

Deception Study Day by Maj C Millen             20

From the Army to Prison by Capt (Retd) M Crofts       21

Are the Core Roles of Armour Still Relevant? by 2Lt M  Winters             22

Officers Mess Notes by Maj R Moseley         24

WOs & Sgts Mess Notes by WO2 H Upham                25

Football by LCpl Joines     26

Lanzarote Ironman 70.3 by Capt S Robertson             27

Sailing Update by Maj G Jeal            28

Ex TIGER’S CLAW by Capt K Halls  29



Merseyside Cadets Annual Camp by Maj R Bevan, MBE           30

Deal RTR Cadets Update by Capt P Atkins    31



The Invention of the Tank by David Fletcher 32

The Battle of the Somme and The  First Tank Action by Nick Wyness  38

Tracing Tankies  40

Tank at 100: Baptism of Fire, Fear and Blood by Sgt Greig Watson        42

100th Anniversary Commemorations by Lt Col (Retd) G Davies            44

Tank 100 - The Centenary Event by Neil Boston         46

Tank Museum Update       50

Reviews                52

50 Years Ago       53

Letters  54

RTRA Listing        55

RTRA News          56

Deaths and Obituaries      60

Notices  66