RTR Memorial Statue

The RTR Memorial Statue is located on the corner of Whitehall Court and Whitehall Place in London.

The statue depicts the crew of a World War 2 Comet tank. Which was issued to the Royal Tank Regiment in 1945.

The Statue was sculpted by Vivien Mallock.

The statue is based on a miniature maquette of a five-man Comet tank crew crafted by George Henry Paulin, the memorial shows the unique comradeship which exists among the men who fight in tanks.

The Comet had a crew of 5: Commander, Gunner, Loader, Hull Machine Gunner and Driver. It was equipped with a 77mm high velocity gun and powered by a 600 horse power Rolls Royce engine. The Comet proved to be effective against the enemy of the day.

The statue was unveiled by Our Colonel in Chief Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth on 13 June 2000.