The Regiment


 The Royal Tank Regiment is the oldest tank unit in the world.  Since the first time tanks were used in WW1, the RTR in its' different guises has provided Mounted Close Combat excellence to the British Army.  

Formed from the Heavy Branch Machine Gun Corps, the Tank Corps proved their new operational capability at the Battle of Cambrai in November 1917, an event which the Regiment still celebrates annually, which broke the stalemate of trench warfare and brought manoeuvre back to the battlefield.  From here, the Regiment went from strength to strength, and has been awarded numerous battle honours in recognition of the struggle, triumph and achievement that resulted. On the eve of the Second World War, the Royal Tank Corps became the Royal Tank Regiment with, at its peak, some 24 individual Regiments that fought in every campaign and theatre. At the end of the war the Regiment was reduced to eight individual Regiments.

In recent history the 2 remaining Regiments, 1RTR and 2RTR, both saw action in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan and in a number of varied and challenging roles.  1RTR also formed the backbone of the Joint Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Regiment, along with elements of the RAF Regiment for 13 years, before handing this capability to Air Command in late 2012. 

In July 2012 it was announced that, as part of the Army 2020 restructuring of the British Army, 1RTR and 2RTR would amalgamate to form the Royal Tank Regiment. The new Regiment formed up at a parade in Bulford on 2 August 2014 and is based in Tidworth on Salisbury Plain as part of 1 Armoured Infantry Brigade. The Regiment consists of: three Armoured Squadrons (AJAX, BADGER and CYCLOPS) each equipped with eighteen Challenger 2 main battle tanks; a Command and Reconnaissance Squadron (DREADNAUGHT); a Headquarters Squadron (EGYPT); and a CBRN Area Survey and Reconnaissance Squadron, a Command and Reconnaissance Squadron (FALCON).

The new Regiment has been engaged in armoured training since amalgamation prior to assuming the role of the UK’s Lead Armoured Battle Group in 2016.



The Royal Tank Regiment recruits its' soldiers from across the UK with particular emphasis upon the South West, Merseyside, London and Scotland. 

Soldier Recruiting:

01980 844515 / 650718
Royal Tank Regiment
Aliwal Barracks

Officer Recruiting:

Lt Col (Retd) Stephen May - 01929 403360
Regimental Colonel
Royal Tank Regiment
Stanley Barracks
BH20 6JB

Sport and Adventurous Training

The Regiment encourages all of its soldiers to try something new and the Army can offer unrivalled opportunities to partake in challenging and enjoyable sports across the world. 

The RTR are particularly strong at Winter Sports. In Nordic Skiing, 1RTR and 2RTR consistently finished in the top three Army teams at the British Championships, and in Ice Sports (Bobsleigh, Skeleton and Luge), no small achievement when competing against much larger corps and units.  The new Regiment looks forward to maintaining these achievements in the future.