The Regimental Colonel


The Regimental Colonel, Royal Tank Regiment, is a retired officer appointed by the Civil Service to take executive action in regimental matters affecting the efficiency and well-being of personnel of the Regiment. In addition, he acts as the executive staff officer to the Colonel Commandant.

The Present Regimental Colonel is Lieutenant Colonel (Retd) Stephen May.


In outline, the Regimental Colonel is responsible for:

Oversees the administration of officers and soldiers of the Regiment. He advises MCM Div on the suitability of officers for appointments and postings within the Regiments and on Extra Regimental Employment (ERE) having initially discussed the issues with the Colonel Commandant.

The co-ordination of internal policy affecting the Regular Regiments.

The co-ordination of the officer recruiting effort within the Regiment.

Exercising, on behalf of the Colonel Commandant, executive control of the regiments of the RTR in regimental matters, in so far as these affect the general efficiency and welfare of the RTR as a whole.

Referring matters of general RTR policy to the Colonel Commandant.

Acting as Secretary to the RTR Council.

Regimental Colonels

Lieutenant Colonel R N Wilson - 1952-1959 (Colonels Commandant's Secretary)
Colonel G Fitz R Talbot - 1959-1961
Colonel P H Hordern DSO OBE - 1961-1963
Colonel T S Craig MBE MC - 1963-1966
Colonel W M S Jeffery - 1966-1967
Colonel E R Farnell-Watson OBE MC - 1968-1969
Colonel I H Baker MBE - 1970-1971
Colonel R M Jerram MBE - 1971-1973
Colonel J G R Dixon OBE - 1973-1975
Colonel D P C Beard - 1975-1978
Colonel G L D Duckworth - 1978-1980
Colonel T Green - 1980-1983
Colonel E J Pepper CBE - 1983-1987
Colonel J Woodward - 1987-1993
Lieutenant Colonel H C H Ellison MBE - 1993-1994
Lieutenant Colonel C G Patey OBE - 1994-1995
Colonel (Retd) J L Longman - 1995- 2009
Lieutenant Colonel (Retd) S J May - 2009 -